My Technology Landsacpe

How Technology Has Changed My Career

While looking back at my teaching career, I am so grateful to have technology in my classroom. I remember when I ran copies for the week, our assignments were paper and pencil, and we used film strips to share visual examples. Today, we have created global connections, and our students use independent thinking to explore and learn. My personal technological journey remains under construction, and I have high hopes for my future. If you would have told me 20 years ago, that I would be teaching with the technological resources I have today, I would have never believed you. My Technology Landscape1My technology landscape shares a short trip down memory lane, and where I would like to see my campus move towards in the future. A quick click on the above slide allows me to share this narrative with you.  The presentation explains the transformation of technology in my classroom, whispers from coworkers, and the growth of my students. Looking back, technology implementation has not always been easy, or acceptable. Looking forward, I know growth takes time. But considering where we are today, and the outlook for the future, I would retrace my steps and go through it all again.


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